Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My typical diet...

Glass of fresh clean water first thing in the morning.

Breakfast fruits.. bananas, mango, or fruit smoothy. Take my Abilify at 8 am, take first 500mg B3.

Snack around 10- usually an avocado or salad to get my cravings for lunch started :)

Lunchtime! Salad with a nice dressing, and of course an avocado or a bit of vege pate! Second 500mg of B3.

Tea time around 1:30, making sure I've had time to digest my lunch before I drink.

Snacks of dried fruit and nuts throughout the day.

Dinner time! Similar to Lunch. Maybe with a bit more effort at eating slowly and taking my time.

Usually for a night time snack I'll have another avocado, or maybe a piece of fruit and more nuts.

Another glass of fresh water before bed.

*Wheatgrass shots are a great boost for my day, and should be taken on an empty stomach at least several hours before sleep


  1. Note I take my Homeopathic medication some time in the afternoon.

  2. yummm veggie pate!
    I had no idea one should drink wheatgrass before bed!

    On another note, this is the first time I have heard of Abilify. Medicine & chemistry aside, I cannot believe that the pharmaceutical marketers could come up with such a NAME!!! Abilify?!?!!! It sounds like 'give you the ability'. Its messed up when marketers try to make it sound like drugs give you super-powers.